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Crochet Ripple Stitch

By Admin Tuesday May 28, 2019

The crochet ripple or chevron stitch is a beautiful pattern for your dishcloths, blankets, pillow covers and afghans. It takes a wave-like form and can be worked in single or multiple colors of yarn. Just a few basic stitches are required to crochet this pattern. The stitch boasts of some equally attractive variations. If you are looking to make something classy and vintage, you don’t need to look any further.

Crochet Ripple Stitch

How to Crochet Ripple Stitch Pattern


Step 1: The foundation chain should be a multiple of 12 + 4. You can start by crocheting the base chain of 28 stitches.

Row 1

Step 2: Do 2dc in 4th chain from the hook (it counts as the 1st 3dc)

Crochet Ripple Stitch Picture 1

Step 3: Dc in the next four stitches.

Crochet Ripple Stitch Picture 2

Step 4: Now dc 3 stitches together (dc3tog).

Crochet Ripple Stitch Picture 3

Step 5: Dc in each of the next four stitches.

Crochet Ripple Stitch Picture 4

Step 6: 3dc in the next stitch.

Crochet Ripple Stitch Picture 5

Step 7: Repeat steps 3-6 till the end of the row.

Crochet Ripple Stitch Picture 6

Subsequent Rows

Step 8: Ch 3 to turn (that counts as 1st dc) and 2dc in the 2nd dc (together it counts as 1st 3 dc).

Step 9: Dc in each of the next four stitches.

Step 10: Dc3tog.

Step 11: Dc in each of the next four stitches.

Step 12: 3dc in next stitch.

Step 13: Repeat steps 9 to 12 till the end of row excepting that for the last repeat there will be an extra stitch at the very end of the row. So you need to skip 1 stitch before the final 3dc (that goes to the top of the ch-3 turning chain).

Crochet Ripple Stitch Picture 7



The double crochet ripple stitch gives a lot of texture to your crochet pieces. You can use the classic stitch to make cowls shawls and wraps.

Double Crochet Ripple Stitch

The single crochet ripple stitch pattern suits beginners as it is done in simple single crochet. It requires you to have the basic knowledge of stitch increasing and decreasing. You can make blankets, throws and beach bags with it.

Single Crochet Ripple Stitch

The vintage fan ripple stitch boasts of a great texture with tall, raised and wavy stitches. It works well with color changes. It can be crocheted pretty fast and looks very advanced.

Vintage Fan Ripple Stitch

The granny ripple stitch, though resembling the original ripple pattern in its looks, is actually made much like a granny square. The ripple design is made by skipping chains and creating clusters.

Granny Ripple Stitch

If you know the puff stitch, you are likely to vouch for this ripple puff stitch afghan that wins hearts with its luxe charm. It gives a lovely raised look to your winter wear. Though it looks complex, it is pretty easy to crochet.

Puff Stitch Ripple Afghan Pattern

Similarly, you can combine the shell and post stitches with the ripple stitch to make baby afghans. The Tunisian and ribbed ripple stitch are other charming variations of the basic stitch.

Cool Ripple Stitch Patterns

This pattern gives you the liberty to change the size of the crocheted piece according to your preferences. It is a lacy V-stitch ripple pattern of afghan.

Ripple Stitch Afghan

Free Ripple Stitch Crochet Afghan Pattern

This sweet and simple ripple stitch blanket would be a super cute gift for a newborn. Mommies can swaddle their babies with this one and keep them warm in their sleep.

Ripple Stitch Crochet Baby Blanket

Ripple Stitch Baby Blanket Tutorial

This ripple fan stitch pattern can go into the making of a vintage scarf. Wear it to retro-themed dos and enjoy the attention of the crowd.

Ripple Stitch Scarf

Ripple Stitch Scarf Instructions

You must be raring to start off with your crochet hook and yarn after getting introduced to the plethora of options offered by this stitch. The simple crocheting activity would ensure that you have a fulfilling experience while making the pattern. The compliments that you receive for the adorable patterns come as a plus.

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