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Top Stitch

What Is a Top Stitch: Definition Top stitch or over stitch is a sewing pattern done on the right side of fabric usually for decorative purposes. It can also be functional as in holding a bias binding or a patch pocket in place. It helps facings stay put when used in hems and necklines and gives a garment or accessory a crisp edge. It is commonly seen on jeans, sometimes done in a different thread color. It also adds detailing to pockets and zippers of bags. It is basically a straight line that is sewn at a distance of around ¼-inch or more from the seam line.

Crochet Ripple Stitch

The crochet ripple or chevron stitch is a beautiful pattern for your dishcloths, blankets, pillow covers and afghans. It takes a wave-like form and can be worked in single or multiple colors of yarn. Just a few basic stitches are required to crochet this pattern. The stitch boasts of some equally attractive variations. If you are looking to make something classy and vintage, you don’t need to look any further.

Back Stitch

What Is Back Stitch: Definition The back or full back stitch is an oft-used, classic stitch for embroidery patterns. It is called so since the needle goes into the fabric behind the previous stitch. You can use it to create straight lines of back-to-back stitches on fabric, outlines of different shapes and making letter patterns. The linear stitch composes a whipping or threading technique with heavier yarn and can add details to embroidery designs of other stitches. You can string in beads with it too. Short back stitches are good for creating curved lines.

Bullion Stitch

Definition The bullion stitch is a popular hand embroidery technique that is used in making simple motifs. Also known by the names bullion knot, caterpillar, coil, post and worm stitches it is an elongated knot that can be grouped for making dense textures. It has an embossed 3D look and is a part of Brazilian embroidery. The stitch also finds applications in cutwork, lace work and is the basic decoration of smocking. You can use the knot as leaves, buds, flower petals, etc. on a girl’s dress.

Disappearing Nine Patch

What Is It Disappearing nine patch is a quilt block that is made by a unique arrangement of nine patches of fabric. The blocks together make a disappearing nine patch quilt. It has the looks of a complex pattern while in reality it is easy and suits beginner quilters. The pattern can be used in making lap quilts, baby quilts, Christmas and Halloween quilts.

Waffle Stitch Crochet

The crochet waffle stitch forms a beautiful pattern consisting of square depressions flanked by elevated borders. Though it seems elaborate at first, it is pretty simple and repetitive to do. You can crochet dishcloths, blankets, hats, spa washcloths, etc. using this stitch that resembles a waffle in its looks.

Tie Blanket

Tie blankets look cool with their fringes, knots and dual colors. You would be happy to know that they don’t require any sewing. Just a little bit of cutting and simple knotting does the trick. They are usually made of fleece as the material is light and stretchy. Also, it doesn’t fray when cut.

Finger Knit Scarf

Who doesn’t love to indulge in the warmth of a close-woven scarf in winter? But, with commercial scarves costing a fortune, and knitting them by hand seeming like a tedious process for many, finger knitting may be the perfect option for you. Giving you an almost similar weave, albeit with a bit more room between the stitches, it employs only your fingers and yarn. No knitting needle required!

No-Sew Pillow Covers

Those of you who shy away from sewing will find solace in this no-sew project that makes your bedroom look exquisite in minimum time and, of course, at a pocket-friendly price, unless you are going for expensive fabric. Just follow the simple steps below and relax your head in homemade comfort.

Cutwork Embroidery

Cutwork Embroidery, also known as Roman or Venetian embroidery, involves cutting out small shapes from the interiors of a pattern on cloth followed by embroidering the crude edges. It is extensively used to design clothing and home furnishing like curtains, and tablecloths.

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Finger Knit Scarf

Who doesn't love to indulge in the warmth of a close-woven scarf in winter? But, with commercial scarves costing a fortune, and knitting ...


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