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A needle threader is a small device that aids in threading a needle, especially those having a narrow eye. It consists of a small tin plate known as the handle, attached with a diamond-shaped steel bow wire.  The handle may be stamped with any design, in most cases a profile image of a feminine face, with the Victorian patterns of the tool still being in vogue.

Needle Threader

Needle Threader


Though the origin of needle threaders is shrouded in uncertainty, the appearance of the Queen’s head in the handle became popular during the Victorian era. They were cheap and simple to use. Quite a number of these devices were patented in the US in the early years of the twentieth century. The first automatic needle threader included in sewing machines came out in 1978, designed by the company, Juki.

Antique Needle Threader

Antique Needle Threader

How To Thread A Needle Using The Needle Threader Tool

Step 1: Glide the thin wire through the eye of the needle.

Picture 1Step 2: Draw the needle down so that it comes close to the tin handle part.Picture 2Step 3: Put the thread through the top part of the wire loop.

Picture 3Step 4: Getting hold of the body of the metal needle threader, take out the wire back through the eye of the needle. Stop when you have one thread passing snugly through the eye.

Picture 4Step 5: Remove the thread from the wire.

Step 6: Knot your thread at its free end and start on your sewing journey.

Video: How To Use Needle Threaders

Automatic Needle Threader

There are various brands who sell automated needle threaders. You just need to tuck in your needle through one of the slots in the machine and drop the thread on another one before pressing a button to let the threaded needle come out of the machine. However, this is just one mechanism. Variations in the designs are ample to find.
Some of them come replete with cutters for easy working.

Automatic Needle Threader

Automatic Needle Threader

There are companies manufacturing the device custom-made for people with arthritis, blindness and fine motor disabilities. They are beneficial to people with visual impairments and the elderly as well, along with the lighted versions of the sewing aid.

Desk Needle Threader

Desk Needle Threader

Needle Threading in Self  Threading Sewing Machine

Modern sewing machines usually come with automated needle threader attachments. You need to go through the user manual carefully to learn the steps of the process specific to your model.

Sewing Machine Needle Threader

Sewing Machine Needle Threader

In case yours is not equipped with this property, look around for brands that sell kits for serving the purpose in such machines. Some of these customized needle threaders are equipped with thread inserters as well. Once you learn how to make it function, it is pretty easy to handle and a lot more convenient than having to thread your sewing machine needle manually.

It is indispensable for the attractive cross stitch embroidery which usually involves heavy yarns or floss. Embroidery needle threaders have a flat tip which assists you in working with embroidery needles. If you are obsessed with punch threading, you will find this tool as your best friend. Quilting enthusiasts can look for types specialized to serve your needs. Thimble and needle threader combinations offer greater protection while stitching and threading.

Needle Threader Designs

Needle Threader Designs

If you want to go for the variations such as one with a built-in magnifying glass, you could end up paying a small fortune. However, the basic contraptions are usually inexpensive and worth every penny that you spend on it.







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