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Tie Blanket

By Admin Monday December 3, 2018

Tie blankets look cool with their fringes, knots and dual colors. You would be happy to know that they don’t require any sewing. Just a little bit of cutting and simple knotting does the trick. They are usually made of fleece as the material is light and stretchy. Also, it doesn’t fray when cut.

Tie Blanket

How to Make a Fleece Tie Blanket

Supplies and Size Measurements

  • Two pieces of fleece fabric that are at least 40 inches in width (baby blankets are of 40 inches, toddlers need 54” while for adults it is 72”)
  • Tape measure or ruler
  • A pair of sharp scissors or rotary cutter
  • Cutting mat
  • Chalk or washable fabric pen

DIY Instructions

Step 1: Lay the fabric on the cutting mat with their wrong sides touching. Carefully cut off seam edges, if any. This matches the edges of both the fabrics. Note that whenever you cut in any of the steps, you should take both the pieces together.

Tie Blanket Picture 1

Step 2: Cut a 7”X7” square from each corner.

Tie Blanket Picture 2

Step 3: Hold your scale at 5” from the fabric edge and make dots with the pen that are separated by 1” from each other.

Tie Blanket Picture 3

Step 4: Cut neatly starting from the edge and going up to the dots.

Tie Blanket Picture 4

Step 5: Now tie overhand knots with the strips taking care not to skip any of them else it would look messy.

Tie Blanket Picture 5

It would look like this.

Tie Blanket Picture 6

Cute No Sew Tie Blanket Ideas

In quilt tie blankets, each block is tied with the adjacent ones. It requires more time but looks unconventional and beautiful.

Tie Quilt Blanket

Tie Quilt Fleece Blanket Directions

For a dog bed, make a regular tie blanket leaving a gap at one edge while tying. Insert filling material to fluff it up and tie the remaining strips.

Tie Blanket Dog Bed

Making a Tied Fleece Blanket Dog Bed

If you want to keep it lightweight, you can even make a single layer fleece tie blanket.

Children would love to cuddle in their blankets during chilly weather. You could make animal or comic character printed blankets for them. They can be made fast (just about 2 hours) enabling you to make a whole lot of them in different colors.

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