Back Stitch

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What Is Back Stitch: Definition

The back or full back stitch is an oft-used, classic stitch for embroidery patterns. It is called so since the needle goes into the fabric behind the previous stitch. You can use it to create straight lines of back-to-back stitches on fabric, outlines of different shapes and making letter patterns. The linear stitch composes a whipping or threading technique with heavier yarn and can add details to embroidery designs of other stitches. You can string in beads with it too. Short back stitches are good for creating curved lines.

Back Stitch

How to Do Back Stitch by Hand


  • Embroidery string in color of your choice
  • Embroidery needle
  • Fabric (could be cotton, aida cloth, linen, satin, silk, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Embroidery hoop

Step By Step Instructions

Start the procedure by setting up your fabric tightly in the embroidery hoop.

Step 1: Bring the needle up through the fabric at a point.

Back Stitch Picture 1

Step 2: Decide on a stitch length and push the needle down through a point that is of one stitch length above the first point.

Back Stitch Picture 2

Step 3: You have one stitch on your fabric now.

Back Stitch Picture 3

Step 4: Now poke the needle up through a point that is one stitch length below the last stitch.

Back Stitch Picture 4

Step 5: Take the needle down through the lowermost point of the last stitch.

Back Stitch Picture 5

Step 6: Now, you have a couple of stitches.

Back Stitch Picture 6

Step 7: Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the desired number of times.

Back Stitch Picture 7

Back Stitch Embroidery Video Tutorial


The half back stitch resembles the running stitch but is worked differently. It can be stitched for any seam be it hemming or for any item of interior décor. It is mostly used for preventing the edge of a fabric from rolling to its outer side.

Half Back Stitch

Half Back Stitch Hand Sewing

Add texture and thickness to your back stitch by whipping it with a different thread color. It lends an interesting variation allowing you to play with colors. You can make numbers with it.

Whipped Back Stitch

Whipped Back Stitch Design

Also known as the reverse herringbone stitch, the double back stitch creates the herringbone stitch on the nack side of the fabric. It is used in shadow work for making a shadow of a pattern on the reverse side of a cloth.

Double Back Stitch

How to Make Double Back Stitch

Apart from the above, the flat back stitch is used in quilting. You must be amazed at the variety of different forms the humble back stitch can take.

Cool Back Stitch Patterns

You can use the back stitch for writing letters of your choice on fabric. It looks great with variegated thread patterns. Small, cursive letters look neat and dainty when done in the back stitch.

Free Back Stitch Alphabet Patterns

Back Stitch Embroidery Letters Pattern

Beading and back stitch can go hand in hand. The lovely plant pattern on a tablecloth is going to earn you laurels for your embroidery.

Back Stitch Embroidery Designs

Back Stitch Hand Embroidery Design

The versatile back stitch comes handy when making appliqué designs. You can inscribe you initials beautifully on a rectangular piece of fabric by this stitch.

Back Stitch Applique

Back Stitch Applique Tutorial

The images and guides are sure to motivate you to start on a back stitch project soon. You can use it in combination with other embroidery stitches for intricate detailing in your handmade embroidery pieces. The appliqués made with this stitch add a touch of personalization to your dress. It can also strongly join seams.

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