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How to Crochet a Beanie

By Admin Wednesday February 27, 2013

A beanie, also known as skully, is a type of brimless cap very popular all over the world. This cap can be knitted or crocheted very easily at home using various colors and patterns. You can crochet a beanie yourself using any size of yarn and crochet hook. It does not take very long to finish the hat if you are familiar with the basic crocheting techniques. This stylish hat can be worn by everyone from men to women and even small babies. Given below is a simple step by step instruction of how you can crochet a beanie at home.

Crochet Beanie Hat Picture

Directions for Crocheting a Beanie

First you need to decide the color and size of the yarn you want use for the beanie and choose a suitable crochet hook. The number of skeins necessary depends on the size of the beanie you are about to crochet. The steps have been simplified so that even beginners can follow.

Picture of Crochet Beanie Hat
  • Step 1: Measure the head size of the person you are making the hat for and calculate the required size of your hat. Remember to measure above the ears and keep the hat size a little larger than the exact size of the head. If you are making the hat for an adult individual, the hat size can be estimated depending on the average head size of an adult.
  • Step 2: Then, you have to determine the number of stitches you need to knit every inch of the fabric with the yarn and hook you are using. Crochet a rough swatch for measuring this number. In case you are unable to determine the suitable size of the hook, use the hook size recommended on the ball-band of your yarn. Then, you can adjust the size depending on whether you want the fabric to be looser or tighter.
  • Step 3: Once you get the number of stitches required per inch, multiply this number by the head circumference measured in the first step. Then, you need to multiply the answer by 0.66 (or 2/3) and determine the nearest round number. Save this final answer later. Make sure to do this calculation properly so that the beanie can fit snugly on the head instead of being too tight or too loose.
  • Step 4: Now begin to work on the hat by crocheting a circle with joined rounds. This may need a little practice if you are beginner beanie maker. To make the circle you need to chain 2, sc (single crochet) six times into second chain from your hook. Then, sl st (slip stitch) into the very first stitch for closing the circle. Once you are done, you will have a small crochet circle with six stitches.
  • Step 5: For the second round, you need to chain 1, single crochet two times into each sc and then slip stitch into the starting point of the round. Once finished, you will have a larger circle with twelve stitches.
  • Step 6: Begin the third round with chain 1, single crochet two times into the first single crochet and then single crochet once into the next single crochet. Repeat the process from the first single crochet to the finishing of the round. Slip stitch into the initial stitch. Now, your circle is larger with 18 stitches.
  • Step 7: Then, you need to begin the next stage with chain 1, single crochet two times into the initial single crochet, then single crochet once into the next 2 single crochet. Repeat the stage from the single crochet to the end. Slip stitch into the first stitch.
  • Step 8: In the next round, you need to chain 1, single crochet two times into the initial single crochet and then single crochet one time again into the next three single crochet. Repeat the procedure from single crochet two times until the end of round. Slip stitch into the first stitch.
  • Step 9: You should be able to see the pattern of the beanie by this stage. Each consecutive round adds one line of single crochet in bold. So, you need to single crochet once into the next four single crochets and then once into the next five single crochet and so on.
  • Step 10: You need to continue crocheting in this manner until total number of stitches in your round becomes equal to the number you calculated and noted down in the third step.
  • Step 11: For all the following rounds, you have to chain 1, single crochet in every single crochet until you reach the round’s end. Then slip stitch to join. Continue to work in this manner until your beanie is big enough to fit you or the person you are making the hat for.
  • Step 12: Once your hat reaches the desired size, you need to fasten off the yarn after weaving in the ends.

You will get a basic beanie hat by following the above steps. Crocheting this hat also helps you to practice crocheting in the round, a useful technique which can be used for making various other hand made articles.

Varieties of Beanie Hats

These hats are available in various attractive styles with some of them being ideal for men while the others are perfect for small babies. All beanies are classified into two main categories depending on their style: fitted beanie and slouchy beanie.

Varieties of Beanie Hats Photo

There are many fashionable beanies available in each of these categories, including:

  • Beard Beanie
Beard Beanie Picture
  • Beret Beanie
Beret Beanie Image
  • Beanie with ear flaps
Beanie with ear flaps Photo
  • Beanie with a visor
Beanie with a visor Picture

You can make a wide variety of beanie hats by using different colors, yarn sizes and hook sizes once you master the basic method given above. Try making a hat with multi-colored stripes or use double crochets or half double crochets instead of the single crochets. You can also try to alternate the stitch patterns to make a unique hat. The finished project is sure to be worth your hard work.

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