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Flat Felled Seam Tutorial Pictures of Flat Felled Seam

Flat felled seam is a very common seaming technique most often seen on jeans. This sewing method has a long history and is still used in both hand sewing and machine. Formerly, it was the only method of sewing fabrics. Here, you will find the definition, uses as well as the directions for making this seam.

How to Crochet a Beanie Picture of Crochet Beanie Hat

A beanie, also known as skully, is a type of brimless cap very popular all over the world. This cap can be knitted or crocheted very easily at home using various colors and patterns. You can crochet a beanie yourself using any size of yarn and crochet hook. It does not take very long to finish the hat if you are familiar with the basic crocheting techniques. This stylish hat can be worn by everyone from men to women and even small babies. Given below is a simple step by step instruction of how you can crochet a beanie at home.

Magic Circle Crochet Picture of Magic Circle Crochet

What is Magic Circle Crochet The magic circle crochet refers to a crochet technique that starts with a loop instead of a chain. A normal crochet ring, which begins with a chain for creating the circle, has a hole at its center. But the adjustable starting loop of the magic crochet ring allows you to pull the thread so that there is no hole at the center of the circle in the beginning round.

Bobbin Lace Photos of Bobbin Lace

Bobbin lace, also known as bone lace and pillow lace, is a variety of lace textile created by twisting and braiding lengths of thread. It is known as ‘bobbin’ lace because bobbins are used for managing the threads while making the lace. With the progression of the work, pins set in lace pillows are also used for holding the woven portion in place. A pricking or pattern pinned on the lace pillow determines the placement of these pins.

Brioche Stitch Brioche Stitch Picture

What is Brioche Stitch? Brioche Stitch is a type of knitting pattern which is worked on by combining various stitches. It forms a nice ribbed pattern and produces a thick, soft fabric. This knitting pattern is used for making various hand woven articles such as mufflers, scarves, cardigans, blankets and hats. You can both crochet it and knit it with knitting needles of any size.

Stockinette Stitch Stockinette Stitch Picture

Stockinette Stitch is a very popular and quite easy knitting pattern used for making various types of knitted materials. The smooth fabric created by this stitch makes it a natural choice for beginners. It can be knitted on straight needles, circular needles and crochet hooks.

Herringbone Stitch Herringbone Stitch Picture

Herringbone stitch is a popular and attractive knitting technique which has been used over a long period of time. It was illustrated in minute detail by the well-known Italian painter Giotto in the 14th century. He painted this stitch as the borders of the garments in his painting.

Mattress Stitch (Ladder Stitch) Mattress Stitch Photo

Mattress stitch is a useful stitching technique used for joining two pieces of fabric. This method has been used for a long time as it creates stitches that are nearly invisible, making it perfect for the purpose. The stitch is also known as Ladder Stitch. This article gives step-by-step instructions on how to work this stitch.

Moss Stitch Knitting Moss Stitch Picture

If you are fond of knitting and purling, you are sure to love Moss Stitch – a simple but gorgeous knitting pattern using only knits and purls. You can make anything you want with this pattern and your handiwork will surely be admired by all.